DoDo – Crans Prestige

DoDo is an italian fine jewelry House founded in 1994 by renowned Milan-based goldsmith Pomellato.
The House takes its name from the legendary bird from the island of Mauritius, an evocative symbol of an extinction that might have been avoided had humans shown greater respect for nature.
Dodo was the first luxury brand to offer composable, high-end charms & jewelry to a broad unisex audience by bringing together aesthetics with natural shapes and a personal message. The House combines sustainably sourced precious metals, gold, silver, diamonds and colored gemstones with high-end artisanal know-how and the creativity of Italian design.
A DoDo charm is more than a simple jewel. Everyone tells a story that conveys a personal meaning or celebrates love, luck, freedom, or friendship. These “talking charms” carry strong emotional and sentimental significance for the person who wears them. Their anti-conformist style and upbeat philosophy appeal to all generations.